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About Our Team

North York Plumbing - About

At North York Plumbers we are a family owned and operated company that has been helping folks with their plumbing needs for a number of years. In that time we have been able to grow and expand our range as a company to most of Toronto. We have been able to expand our coverage thanks to our long list of clients that have kept recommending our services over the years. Even though we have grown quite a bit we maintain the same philosophy that we had when we started. Which was to treat each and every one of our clients like we would our next door neighbor. The ones you get along with, of course! When we started we were actually providing our services to many of our neighbors. People we saw every day and would greet while walking down the street. This gave us a higher sense of responsibility to provide proper services. That mentality we guess has stuck and it is something that we still want to abide by these days.

We chose our employees with that same mindset. We want them to buy into the company philosophy. For that, we need to make them really feel like they are part of our family. That way they can feel the same pride in providing top of the line services as we all do. We don’t want to be known as average plumbers. We want to be known as professionals who genuinely have an interest in helping you fix your plumbing issues. An interest that contemplates the clients well being and not just the money we are receiving. Contact us today.