If you have always had the penchant for history, wondered, or even dreamed about living and experiencing what life was back in the 19th-century, Black Creek Pioneer Village is the perfect place to live out your fantasies.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is not just a typical museum. With over 40 buildings, decorated in the said period's furnishings, this open-air heritage museum will undoubtedly make you feel that you are living and breathing the 19th-century life.

If you cannot decide on what to do first, we have come up with a list of activities to do to make sure that the hands of the time turning machine brings you to the world of the early-to-mid-19th century.

Interact with rare-breed animals

With some particular breeds of animals that are no longer available in most farms; get up close and personal with those that could be found in Black Creek Pioneer Village.

While their farm animals are looking forward to meeting you, if you are interested in bringing pets or already have one with you, notify the staff before entering the premises because the farm animals might not be too eager to meet them.

Discovery stations that cultivates curiosity and exploration

For those interested in fashion, you can ask what kind of clothing they used to wear, or even how it feels wearing a corset.

If you are the adventurous type and want to ask about how exactly does one balance on stilts, they could even let you experience how to stand on one.

And if you are drawn to getting more knowledge about how life was back in the 19th-century and if a census is available, drop by at the Discovery Station and ask about questions you have always wanted to ask.

Hands-on activities

If you are musically-inclined, from musical instruments, singing songs that are popular in the 1800s, to moving your hands, feet and dancing to music, you will get to learn about the kind of tunes that are well-known back in the day.

If you are more on the investigative side, you will get a chance to dig into historical documents, know more about famous personalities from the pieces of evidence that they left behind and learn about their contributions to today's society.

But if you are more on the arts and crafts type, they have a historic trade where you can unleash your creativity in making new items that you get to take home.

Get a chance to work besideĀ  Tinsmiths, Harness Makers, or Printers, at Dominion Carriageworks workshop. Additional charges may apply, depending on the program scheduled for the day.

Watch actors re-enact individuals from the past

If you are interested in watching actors bring individuals to life through acting, a short performance by Black Creek's History Actors uses accurate historical research to re-imagine them.

Get to see actors perform famous plays from the Confederation era. And to know more about performance details, check their daily programming schedule.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is located at: 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2P3

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