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Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater Valve Installation

Over the last few years, Toronto residents have had a very hard time dealing with floods and quite frankly an excessive flow of water. This can be traced back to the massive flooding that occurred in many areas across the city back in 2013 and even a little before that. This has lead to people seeking out numerous options to make their homes better equipped to handle these types of situations. One of these solutions could be to install a backwater valve. In simple terms, this is a valve that can block water that is overflowing from the sewer line from flowing back into your home.

Benefits of a Backwater Valve

If you are quite new to the North York area you may not be too familiar with the flooding problems we just referenced. The installation of backwater valves has actually been recommended by local Toronto authorities to help homeowners avoid flooding. The type of “water” that backwater valves want to prevent from coming into your home is sanitary wastes. Getting those cleared out after a flood can be quite a problem. Not to mention the fact that it can cultivate a bunch of germs and be a health hazard. If installed properly it can help prevent these issues and really there is no issue that can with having a backwater valve that could affect your plumbing system. Let North York Plumbers do the job for you, we are experienced and have the knowledge to keep your home safe from backups.

Plan Before We Execute

In the old days, there was really no other way to find the right spot to install a backwater valve or any other upgrade to your sewer line than to literally excavate all around your home to find the right spot. These days we come in with cameras and other equipment and make a small incision and start looking at how the sewer line runs to find the right spot before we start really digging in. As North York locals we have a vast knowledge of how the sewer lines are laid out in the area. This helps us get through this process a lot faster.

Actual Installation

When the actual installation process is taking place we will typically need to shut the water flow coming into your home for a while. We will aim to keep this time as short as we can. We will, of course, help you plan out what the best time would be to let us come in and work. So that we can disturb your daily activities as less as we can.

Sump Pump or Backwater Valve

Backwater valves have become the most popular way to avoid flooding issues in the area. You could also go with a sump pump that would filter this excess water and redirect it to another direction obviously away from your home. We can handle fixture installation and repair jobs for these systems so you can count on our local plumbers to provide an unbiased opinion on what the best way to handle your flooding issues is!