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North York Plumbing - Sump Pump Repair and Installation

Sump Pump Repair and Installation

Sump pump systems are used to drain and filter water to keep it away from crawl spaces and basements. This can be a great way to help avoid flooding. After the great floods that Toronto suffered in 2013 people have been trying to find ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. A lot of them have turned to sump pumps as one of the least disruptive ways that you can filter water out. Although this system is typically installed underground it doesn’t require that much excavation. Let North York Plumbers assist you with installing your sump pump, we have installed hundreds over the years.

Installing A Sump Pump

The first thing that you want to do before beginning a sump pump installation is to plan out the entire system and make sure that it can actually work. Some people will begin drilling holes before they are even sure that your basement is equipped to handle a sump installation. You not only need to literally bury the pump in the ground, but you need to make sure that your perimeter drain system is properly drawn up to take the water to a back exit away from your home. If you don’t do this properly you may ultimately leave your home stuck inside a swimming pool.

Setting Up A Perimeter Drain

Just about anybody can dig a hole in the ground and put a pump in. Then just make sure it works that is all it takes right? Wrong, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to have a proper perimeter drain. This is literally the path that we will build and make sure that the water the pump pushes out of your basement follows. This drain needs to lead far enough away from your home to make sure that you don’t start getting water stuck underneath your house.


Most sump pumps are well equipped to last a good number of years. At times though these systems can fail and may need to be repaired. We can provide both repairs and maintenance services to make sure that your sump pump system will continue to filter out properly. Most of these repairs can be done superficially, so you won’t have to worry about us coming over every couple of months to bust your basement floors wide open again!

Warning Against DIY Solutions

After a quick Google search, you will find literally thousands of videos explaining how to install and repair a Sump Pump step by step. We strongly advise not to follow these recommendations. If sump pumps are not properly installed they can bring major issues along with them. This can include tampering your home’s foundation after filling the soil below your home with water. Plus, if you do it yourself no one is going to provide a guarantee that your house won’t flood, leaving you with an emergency situation. Similarly, sump pump manufacturers may not make their warranty valid in case an improper installation causes their product to malfunction. Remember that the whole idea behind installing a sump pump is to provide a solution not to bring on more problems. Find out much more details about us.